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For nearly 40 years Arthur's Memorials has served the communities of Mount Washington Valley and Western Maine with a caring attitude, loving remembrances,  and professional service and installation.


We provide a wide seleciton of attractive granite monuments and mausoleums, as well as various hardscapes for homes, businesses, and public places.

We provide inscription and lettering for hardscapes and monuments, cleaning/restoration of monuments, plaque installation, and related services

Pets are beloved members of your family that have brought joy and loyal companionship for many years. Create a tribute to remember them.

Our Goal is to Help You Create the Best Remembrance Possible for Your Family and Future Generations

A memorial is left to tell the story of a life lived. Our owner Jeff and his staff work directly with you and your family to create a remembrance that honors your loved one for all generations to come. 

- Headstones and Markers

- Pet Remembrances 
- Hardscape

- Veteran's Memorials

- Associated Services

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PET Remembrances